Pet nutrition consultation

What it looks like?

Pet nutrition consultation

The calculation of the dietary needs of your animal is individual. Calculation of the nutrient profile will be carried out based on the ingredients list given in your consultation order. Please be precise in your pet nutrition consultation request.

Some ingredients can be excluded or included according to the dietary requirements of your animal. For example, supplements or essential nutrients sources can be added to the recipe.

The second document is the nutritional conclusion and recommendations. It provides an explanation of dietary changes, cooking and a feeding guide, along with some general information.

If there are graphs or other additional materials, they will be sent as well (a growth chart for puppies, weight reduction chart, weekly menu, etc.).

How to order a pet nutrition consultation

There are two ways to do this: fill in the online form, or download the PDF file, complete it and return it to us via email.

Communication from myself will also take place via email

  1. Fill in the form
    Please fill in all required fields. Take care to fill in the email address field correctly. The more information on your application, the more accurate the final result will be.

  2. Wait for an answer
    We will send you a confirmation letter with the date for your consultation as soon as possible.

  3. Get a ration calculation
    You will receive the recommendations and calculations in written form by email. It usually takes 3-5 working days.

  4. Pay the bill
    We accept most major credit cards, PayPal payments and bank transfers.

Types of pet nutrition consultations

Diet consultation

  • Home-made diet or BARF

  • Special diet or help with choice

  • Mix of commercial diets

Group diet

  • Balancing of a home-made recipe for all pets in your house

  • 1 recipe, up to 5 animals, dogs and cats only 

Feeding plan

Complete menu for a whole week with various, balanced and tasty meals

Follow up

  • Additional calculations

  • New questions

  • Some changes in your pet’s nutritional requirements