Vetdietolog: veterinary nutritionist,
EBVS diplomate in dog and cat dietetics

ECVCN Diplomant Certificate

Nutrition consultation

Individual diet evaluation and calculation, advice on commercial food, homemade diets for dogs and cats, BARF

Education in pet nutrition

Education in pet nutrition

Individual training for vets in nutritional consultation and diet calculation, based on software app.vetdietolog

Vetdietolog APP now with a 20% discount

Online-app for diet calculation for dogs and cats. Different algorithms for health and disease. Individual growth and weight loss charts.

Online veterinary nutrition courses

Vetdietolog Adult Balance Sensitive

Mineral feed for adult dogs and cats

Homemade diets are often deficient in several nutrients and have to be supplemented. This professional product is precisely calculated for dogs and cats requirements, also taking into account their diet’s basic composition.

All the vitamins and minerals are combined in perfect amounts, without fillers — therefore the daily doses are small, and one package lasts a long time.